Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Bad Wolf?

Hmm...this is interesting.
A modern take on a classic fairy tale.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Idiots on the road

Today, my family went to I12 Katong for tea and we were retrieving our car in the carpark. As we used the free valet parking service, when we collected our car (we were early) it was not yet parked into a slot but was parked on the side of the lane while waiting for a slot to be available. So we got into the car, my sister-in-law took the wheel and started adjusting her seat and fastening seat belt. She had not even started the car engine when a certain super impatient driver turning out from her parking slot starting horning at us because our car was in the way. While my sister-in-law started engine and moved the car forward a'lil bit slowly (she just got her license 2 weeks ago), the impatient driver just keep horning and stared at us with a sulky face. What's her problem? Why can't she just wait for a couple of minutes to let us move the car out? It's not like we intentionally stopped there to block her way! In any case, she was behind us, and just as my sister-in-law barely started filtering to the right side of the lane (there was a row of cars stopped on the left side) the driver just sped up and overtook us! My sister-in-law had to hit the brakes to not hit her car! I got so furious I sounded the horn at her, and I believe I caught a glimpse of her pointing her finger. What's her ******* problem! Is she so blind to not see the p-plate on the car window? Can't she just wait a couple of minutes and give way to a p-plate driver? If she had not escaped so quickly I would have gotten off the car to give her a piece of my mind.

Although my driving experience in Singapore has not been long, barely 4 years, I have came across countless rude and impatient drivers on the road. Who gives a damn to the Courtesy Movement?
When you signal to filter either left or right, most cars speed up rather than give way, especially taxis! Taxis never, never, ever give way! On the expressway where speed limit is 90km/h, there would be some cars who would follow really closely behind to force you to go faster, in the case where you continue at 90km/h, they would overtake and speed off at like 110-120km/h. Some ridiculous drivers would even horn at you to make you go over the speed limit!
Most Singaporean drivers are just plain selfish, impatient and behave as if a few minutes of delay would cause them a big loss in their lives. And when they are the ones causing delay to others, they don't think there's anything wrong with it! It always pisses me off when I come across such horrible drivers. Blah.

Happy News

Before I forget, my team's FYP 2D animation short 'A Cloudy Conundrum' won first prize at the Lumiere Digitale Animation Film Festival! We also had a special mention at some film festival in China, but no prize for that. Good to know that at least our hard work is getting somewhere =)
If you'd like to watch it, you can find it on youtube, vimeo and tudou.


Tartelette fraises from Paul, a new atas french bakery that opened in Ngee Ann City, next to Kinokuniya. Every time I pass by, the aroma of freshly baked bread is just enticing! Finally, I succumbed to temptations and decided to try out a few of their desserts from the take-out counter. Other than this strawberry tart, I also got a chocolate cake, peach tart and quiche. I quite liked the quiche and strawberry tart! The strawberries were sweet and that was not due to the glacing. The chocolate cake was nothing special though, and the peach tart was disappointing! I had no idea what it was actually until I ate it. Apparently Paul doesn't put much labels in the display counter and the staff had trouble hearing me over the noise so I gave up asking. About this tart, it has a flaky crust with peach pieces and custard stuffed in between. I'm not sure if it is a pie or a tart, and I think the fruit pieces should be peach, because I really couldn't taste it. It was just pure sourness. Totally overwhelmed the custard, my face crumpled at the first bite. The crust was not as soft and flaky as it looked, it was quite hard in fact. Seems like reviews for Paul are not that fantastic either. Next time I shall just breathe in the free smells when I pass by.

Jump, jump, jump

Although this is stale news, I went for a mini live of Weaver and Applicat Spectra last tuesday! I had never heard of them until yt told me about this thingy. Even though I was unfamiliar with their music, I enjoyed the concert very much! Standing tickets were priced at $21 (including handling fee) and comes with a handshake from the artists, lol. The concert area was small, but the distance from where I was to the stage was just right. Not too far, not too near. I could see their faces clearly without getting deafened by the music. Although there were some standing wooden blocks in the crowd, the overall atmosphere was still great. I quite look forward to L'Arc~en~Ciel's concert next month, though I wonder how to stand and jump in the indoor stadium. I wouldn't want to fall over the person in front of me, unless he's worth it. Now I only wish I have a chance to watch a j-rock concert live in jp, that would be awesome.

Monday, March 12, 2012


It's an exhibit featuring mainly the original art of Oda Eiichirou-sensei.
They should just come out with a One Piece museum and make it a permanent thing like Ghibli museum. And OP is once again featured in Men's Non-no. Signs that OP is growing bigger and bigger! That's a really happy thing to know =)

Monday, March 5, 2012


Made this for lunch today...why does it look so much better in photo?
I followed a recipe in making the sauce using tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce and soy sauce, but it tasted quite off. Went ahead and added stuff to make my own concoction, and it turned out quite well! But I have no idea how to re-create the same sauce again since I didn't take note of the proportions. Guess I can only agar-agar next time. At least it was a success, yay!