Friday, September 23, 2011


Report of my Vienna/Prague trip!

Schoenbrunn Palace
Luxurious interior, but no photos allowed, so only this.

The trees are square!

Backyard of palace. Had to climb a steep hill under the
hot sun which my brother was lazy and refused to climb.

Sisi Museum

A very, very small part of the candlesticks collection of the royal family.

Horse carriages!
I think they were the main reason for the pungent smell in the air.

Kunsthistorisches Museum.
Said to be the best museum of fine arts in Europe.
I do quite agree. Their collection is so huge that I spent 5 whole hrs inside, and that's with me rushing through half of the collection because I was too tired and hungry. Moreover, part of their collection was closed. Such a waste that I didn't get to see it.

Ceiling of the main staircase.
That fresco at the top has some of the greatest painters depicted in it,
eg. Raphael, Rembrandt and Durer.

Cupola Hall

Some random cat/dog mascot on the road

Cathedrals in Vienna is equivalent to shrines in Japan.
They are everywhere!

Hundertwasser house

Memorial held for the hockey players who died in plane crash.

Astronomical clock of Old Town Square tower at Prague

Prague castle in the faraway

The old gentlemen is using a pair of whisks and a washboard as instruments!
They call themselves "The Bridge Band"

Super, super, long escalator at the subway.
It's quite scary to look down when you're on it =P

Peacocks! In a public park. They look like males,
but they don't have fancy tails, so I really don't know.

Apple trees, pear trees and cherry trees in the same park!

Donguri ippai~

I got a little too excited and picked up quite a bit of donguris =D

A bright furry caterpillar I spotted amongst the grass. I was stalking it with my camera for some time, then some kids and their mum came over to look. The mum took a photo of it too!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adventure Time

Look what I found at the bookstores!
It's a One Piece bento book that comes together with cutters
and moulds, as well as several recipes for character bento!

One of the dessert recipes. It's named 冒険ぜりー(Adventure jelly)

After seeing this, I was determined to buy the book.
The sulky faces of Sanji and Zoro are just too irresistable!
The name of the cookie is adorable too!
仲直りクッキー(Reconciliation cookie)
Such a befitting name for the pair that can never see eye to eye.
So exciting! I can't wait to use the cookie cutters!

Monday, September 19, 2011


My Thousand-Sunny-Go model has finally reached!

A peak inside the box.

Unfortunately...I realized that I'm supposed to paint the parts of the model myself...otherwise all they would be a single tone and raw looking. Oh gosh...I wonder if I am able to use acrylic paint... Think I will only start on it after I have moved. The current state of my room is totally overcrowded and impossible to work in. I need more bookshelves. And a bigger bedroom for the bookshelves.