Wednesday, July 11, 2012



I need to make this my motto for anger management. Sometimes it is of no use going head-on against someone in a heated argument. Things don't get better, only worse. I've realized that if I treat it with a calm manner, lots of smiles and maybe a joke, things work out! Seriously, it's not as simple as it sounds. In such times when many people's egotism always get ahead of themselves, it's really easy to offend others and vice versa.

A little interesting episode here. When I was staying in Telok Kurau last few years, my temper was at its worst. I'm freaked out at how I behave sometimes. I dare say it's mostly because that area is filled with negative energy. The residents there were all so sulky and highly strung (I mean the permanent ones. The renters are definitely friendly and cheerful, but they never stay for long). Even my family members became all sulky and bad tempered. I'm so glad that I'm out of that horrible place, and where I stay now is a good place. People say 'hi's and 'goodnight's. There isn't any of the 'I, Me & Myself' business over here. Everyone is happy, so am I.

p.s. One of the renters who left shortly after my family moved in said that the people living there are devils. I totally agree.