Friday, March 25, 2011

Screws and Nuts

I usually tend to avoid depressing and angsty stuff, cause they make me fall into a self-loathing and world-hating state. For this once, I couldn't stop myself from watching a particular anime as disheartening as it was. The whole story was told in a really confusing manner and full of mystery, with bits of the answer revealed each episode, hence I didn't understand what was going on up till the very last part. That's partly why I continued watching for I hate having questions left unanswered. Seriously, I can't help but sigh for this anime. From episode one right up till the end, all the characters die off one by one. And not just side characters, important ones even! Just when I was getting to like a particular character, he dies, in a somewhat tragic way =_= Then, when it was finally revealed in the end that there was a choice of world destruction or not, I was so convinced, so convinced that this story will definitely end in a tragic way with everyone dying and the world to be restarted on a new level, because up till now only sad events have been happening and they all hinted towards a certain desolate ending. But no! The producers just had to force in a super weak reason to save the world and thus happily ever after. I cursed at that very moment. Why can't they just grant me a world destrustion ending?! Why did they have to put in this feeble ending that's not even truely a happy ending for most of the characters still remain dead and even more were killed at the end?! This was the first time that I seriously wished for a tragic ending in a show, and they had to cheat my feelings......blah...I'm so disappointed.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Tear jerking scene from One Piece made into figure.
If i have this on my desk, every time i see it, i'll be feeling sad instead huh...

Monday, March 14, 2011


Not the best photo setup but that's not the point.
Made them using polymer clay, not 100% done yet,
a coating of glaze is all that's left.
Smores measure about 2cm while bunnies are 0.8cm.
Just wanna do a bit of market survey.
Would you wear this? (guys not included)
And how much would you be willing to pay for this, max?
Umm...ignore the jarring color of the bunnies first huh...
Just design-wise, what you think?

Urr...after i shot the bunnies, i totally regretted making them in this color.
They look fine under natural light, and from a certain distance away.
But now they look a bit disgusting to me.
Shouldn't have listened to my brother when he said pink would be cute.
I should have known better.


I think the bottom line says it all.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Coca-cola epic-ness again. This time, on a large scale.
Isn't the look on the ogres' faces when the dragon spouted fireworks and ribbons just wonderful.