Monday, December 19, 2011

Blue hearted teddy

I admit. I've been slacking over the month.
What happened to all the self-discipline and strict deadlines, you ask?
They simply vanished when a machine named PS2 appeared.
I finally pulled myself away from the devilish black box when I realized, Christmas is coming.
Oh s**t. Christmas is coming.

WIP above. Batch of teddy bears. Looks delicious?
Sadly, they are not edible. They're no larger than the size of your fingernail.
The one in the middle is a test. Not so satisfied with it yet.
I'm changing color of the ears and nose. With heart or no heart?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Small Happiness

My latest loots just arrived! A pair of soft toys from Tales of Vesperia, 2 BRS
pixtones, 1 box of trading mascots, 1 mag and a relatively large hole in my pocket.

Purpose of getting the magazine was for this freebie---Edward Elric nendoroid petite!!

Edward with a serious expression and cool pose, but still looking adorable.

Unfortunately, the petite I received is flawed. The front part of the hair doesn't fit properly. See that cavity between the face and the hair. Oh well...not that I can do anything about it.
Seriously, I think they should consider producing a Edward Elric nendoroid, proper size with various expressions and all. A Roy Mustang nendoroid is good too! It'll definitely be a sellout!

Chiral no Gakuen trading mascots!
Box of 10 cute little things.

When my tail grows long enough I'm gonna do the same thing >_<

Akira, normal ver. with silver headphones. Rare ver. comes with hot pink headphones. I never tend to have luck with such random chances or lucky draws. Darn it! Right now I have half a mind to paint it pink myself.



Land Ahoy~

Passed by Iluma the other day and saw this magnificent balloon sculpture. If you don't recognize it already, it's Peter Pan! And Captain Hook. Pretty cool huh. Never knew that simple balloons could be used to make art installations. Later on, I found out that it was a project by National Heritage Board and there were several locations exhibiting a balloon sculpt. Sadly, it was only for 2 days and everything was removed before I could catch a glimpse.

Another interesting thing. AKB48 in Singapore! A whole cafe dedicated to them, wow. And there's a fanclub shop selling merchandise on another floor of the same building. Are they that sought after here? It seemed pretty quiet and other than a middle-aged man listening to the cafe waitress's introduction, I didn't see anyone else entering or leaving. Wouldn't an Arashi Fanclub or Larc'en'ciel Cafe do better here?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tiger & Bunny: Next Project

Announced at the Tiger & Bunny: Hero Awards 2011,
the green light has been given for not one, but TWO
Tiger & Bunny feature films to be released next year 2012.
Double hooray to that!
A Tiger & Bunny fan would probably react with "ありがとう!そして、ありがとう!"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's raining jellybeans!

Never mind the song or the singer, but the background!!
Loads of jelly beans!! Whee!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Micro penguins

Kinda resembles the micro bacteria from Moyashimon.
But I can't imagine micro penguins in my ice drink.

Tap those feet

Pop goes the weasel

After many, many days of packing and moving, I'm now staying at a new place. I'm just gonna leave all my stuff in the boxes. No use unpacking when I'll probably need to pack soon again.
I now have a bigger and more spacious room compared to my previous place. Happy~

I've finally set up a shop at Etsy over here. よろしくおねがいします!Not much things up for sale, but I'll slowly add more over the next few days/weeks. I intended to open the etsy shop on 1st Nov...which I did...but unfortunately it's reflected as 31st Oct due to world time difference. Grrrr.

Just finished Tiger&Bunny and now I understand why it managed to stir up all that fandom and craze over it. Unfortunately, I got caught up in the craze too, haha. Season2..season2...I want a season2!! ワイルドに吼えるぜ!!

Right now I still have Ao no Exorcist, No.6, Natsume3, Blood-C plus a few others to catch up. Together with 3hrs in front of the TV every night, I'm becoming more couch potato then a couch potato lol.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mini Mini

Absolute cuteness! No larger than a bottle cap, it's a mini Ika-musume breeding kit!
Shinryaku! Ika-musume returns this season for more fun and laughter. I guess in the first season, mini ika-musume captured the hearts of many, including mine. For a period of time I was so tempted to craft out tiny ika-musumes with clay. I'm glad they released this set of minis, at least I won't have to craft my own =D

Friday, September 23, 2011


Report of my Vienna/Prague trip!

Schoenbrunn Palace
Luxurious interior, but no photos allowed, so only this.

The trees are square!

Backyard of palace. Had to climb a steep hill under the
hot sun which my brother was lazy and refused to climb.

Sisi Museum

A very, very small part of the candlesticks collection of the royal family.

Horse carriages!
I think they were the main reason for the pungent smell in the air.

Kunsthistorisches Museum.
Said to be the best museum of fine arts in Europe.
I do quite agree. Their collection is so huge that I spent 5 whole hrs inside, and that's with me rushing through half of the collection because I was too tired and hungry. Moreover, part of their collection was closed. Such a waste that I didn't get to see it.

Ceiling of the main staircase.
That fresco at the top has some of the greatest painters depicted in it,
eg. Raphael, Rembrandt and Durer.

Cupola Hall

Some random cat/dog mascot on the road

Cathedrals in Vienna is equivalent to shrines in Japan.
They are everywhere!

Hundertwasser house

Memorial held for the hockey players who died in plane crash.

Astronomical clock of Old Town Square tower at Prague

Prague castle in the faraway

The old gentlemen is using a pair of whisks and a washboard as instruments!
They call themselves "The Bridge Band"

Super, super, long escalator at the subway.
It's quite scary to look down when you're on it =P

Peacocks! In a public park. They look like males,
but they don't have fancy tails, so I really don't know.

Apple trees, pear trees and cherry trees in the same park!

Donguri ippai~

I got a little too excited and picked up quite a bit of donguris =D

A bright furry caterpillar I spotted amongst the grass. I was stalking it with my camera for some time, then some kids and their mum came over to look. The mum took a photo of it too!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adventure Time

Look what I found at the bookstores!
It's a One Piece bento book that comes together with cutters
and moulds, as well as several recipes for character bento!

One of the dessert recipes. It's named 冒険ぜりー(Adventure jelly)

After seeing this, I was determined to buy the book.
The sulky faces of Sanji and Zoro are just too irresistable!
The name of the cookie is adorable too!
仲直りクッキー(Reconciliation cookie)
Such a befitting name for the pair that can never see eye to eye.
So exciting! I can't wait to use the cookie cutters!