Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bitter & Sweet

My brother just bought a Nikon D7000, and he has never touched a camera before in his whole life. Now he's playing with it and carrying it everywhere with him like a kid who got a new toy. Oh, and the reason he bought it is because he's going for a China holiday trip next month with my mum. Don't know if he can succeed in learning how to take photos properly. In any case, I made a bet with my dad that he'll lose interest within 3 months, and then the D7000 shall be mine muahahaha~ btw it's my 2nd brother, the eccentric one =3
Anyways, I'm gonna be jobless by the end of this month. Yes, no more work from my professor. Sigh...I'll be returning to NEET status again for a while. Guess I have to start selling my stash of minis after I return from Vienna. If business is good, maybe I don't have to find a job!! YES I'm going Vienna for 10 days next month! My big brother is going there for a meeting, and I get to tag along! All I need to pay is my air-ticket, and he says he'll sponser everything else! Banzai~