Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh freak.

What's the best method to cool down during a hot summer's day?

Horror stories.

Worked well for me, a bit too well in fact. I think my temperature dropped an immediate 5°C from the cold sweat, and I got freaked out so badly I didn't dare to sleep. For someone who's afraid of the supernatural, I should have known better than to read horror stories during the night. Sigh...自作自受.

A piece of bad news here, to me at least....
I have to move. Again.
Oh sigh.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White, blue, gray

And the Totoros come marching in...

These cuboids will be made into earrings and bracelets.
Took me a whole week for these batch.
Still have to make mini acorns for the bracelets cos i don't want to put too many Totoros into one bracelet else it'll be ridiculously pricey.
Anyone knows where to get gift boxes in bulk for a really good price?
I'm gonna need some if I wanna start selling.